Charminar is considered to be the identifying feature of Hyderabad. This is located in the heart of ‘Hyderabad’.

Charminar, a prominent landmark, was erected by Quili Qutub Shah. This was to signify the founding of this city. The structure has four minarets and thus named so. Charminar holds the gaze of an individual even though it has traffic and crowds milling around it. The market, ‘Chudi Bazaar’ or ‘Laad’ makes this all the more famous.

This structure is known to be synonymous with the Hyderabad culture since the time this was constructed in 1591. This massive structure with the four minarets is definitely a ‘must-visit’. It is believed that the minarets stand for 4 ‘khlifas’ (prophets) of Islam. The ‘Char Kaman’ is the four getaways are in the north and are constructed in cardinal directions. This structure was to serve as a Mosque or a Madrasa. The Charminar, along with the Golconda Fort and Qutub Shahi Tombs, has been in the tentative UNESCO World Heritage Sites list.

Charminar History

Sultan Muhammed Quili Qutub Shah built Charminar when the capital was shifted to Hyderabad from Golconda. He was compelled to shift the capital due to the plague and also the inadequacy of water. He pledged to make this structure if his people’s suffering ended.

Quli Qutub Shah saw his wife, Baghmati, at this site and then took the decision of building Charminar here. Legends also state a tunnel being present under this construction, connecting it to the Golconda fort. This was an escape route in an emergency.


The area that surrounds Chaminar can be termed as ‘apt’ for all types of shopping. You have multiple shops selling jewelry and bangles, for which Charminar is well known. For all those food lovers, you can look forward to the ‘authentic’ Hyderabad biryani, famous globally.

Besides bangles and pearls, you can also look for some paintings, saris and a lot more.

Reaching Charminar

Charminar is only 5km away from the bus station. The Andhra Pradesh State Road Transport (ASRTC) runs regular buses from most of the parts in the city. You have the option of taking a taxi or an auto rickshaw to reach this place.

Reaching Hyderabad is easy. You have the choice of taking a train, fly down or probably choose road travel. This depends from where you are travelling.

Best Time to Visit Charminar

If you are interested in a total tour of Charminar, you can visit here any time from 9.30 am to 5.30 pm. This is open on al 7 days of the week. The best months to visit this place is anywhere from October to March. The weather at this time is pleasant and you enjoy the sightseeing.

Those who are interested in only gazing at this structure can go during night. The structure is lit up and looks beautiful. You also get less traffic and crowds.

Those who are interested in shopping, the Charminar market is open from 11 in the morning to 11 at night.