Kerala is called ‘God’s Own Country’, ‘Destination of a Lifetime’ and ‘Spice Coast of India’. It is located on the western side of India. Kerala’s unique geography is trapped on one side by the sea and forests and mountains on the other side. In the east, the Western Ghats tower at 50-2700 meters, on the west is the gigantic Arabian Sea and has a network of around forty four rivers. For tourists, this is the most sought after Asian holiday destination. Serene beaches line its shoreline, emerald backwaters are seen in tranquil stretches, the beautiful waterfalls, exotic wildlife, lusciously green hill stations, sprawling paddy fields and plantations, magical festivals, cultural and historic monuments, art forms that can enchant almost anyone, ayurvedic health centers and exotic cuisine that can attract almost anyone.

Literary rate and life expectancy rate is high here and infant mortality rate is also very low. It is a pristine, peaceful and clean Indian state. It is divided mainly into 14 districts which offer the best of tourism opportunities. Till the recent times it largely traded in spices. Traders and travelers from all over the world, including the British, Greeks, French, Dutch, Portuguese, Romans, Chinese and Arabs have left their imprint in Kerala in the form of literature, cuisine and architecture.


Best Time To Visit

Kerala really has only two seasons, summer and monsoon. The weather is pleasant and mild from October to February. It is never cool even if the temperature drops a bit. It is hot and humid from March to May in summer. Temple festivals are invariably held during summer but people are so charged with enthusiasm, they don’t mind the heat. Strong winds blow and it rains heavily between June to September and beyond during the monsoons.


How To Reach

By Road

The national highway connects Kerala to Tamil Nadu and Karnataka by road. The other main road transport modes are autos, tourist taxis and buses. Metalled roads also connect other states with Kerala.

By Rail

In Kerala itself there are around 200 railway stations. Express trains and superfast trains are available for long distances to connect Kerala to Kolkata, Mumbai, Chennai and New Delhi. Houseboats, public ferry services and speed boats are also available, to reach various destinations of this exotic state.

By Air

The main airports in Kerala are CIAL – Cochin International Airport, Nedumbassery, Thiruvanthapuram International Airport and Calicut International Airport, Karipur. The capital of Kerala is Thiruvananthapuram which is connected to other cities in Kerala by air, road and rail.


Availability Of Hotels And Restaurants

Kerala is well known for the lush green palm trees that fringe most of its virgin beaches and for the blue seas that lap at its shores. Sea facing rooms are available as most of the hotels located near the beaches and are easily approachable. Hotels in a range from three star, four star, five star, luxury, budget friendly, semi deluxe, deluxe, bed and breakfast arrangements etc are available in Kerala to suit the budget and choice. Staff is professionally trained and highly efficient. The serenity of the hotels takes the tourists closer to nature and they can enjoy the aura of peace.

Massage and oil treatments are also provided at most of the hotels as Kerala massage and Ayurveda is very famous. Seafood is deliciously prepared and served at the hotels and restaurants. The heritage and luxury hotels have lavish rooms, palatial buildings and royal treatments while relaxing treatments and massages are provided at the Ayurvedic resorts. To enjoy the popular backwaters of Kerala, houseboats are also available for luxurious cruising. Premiere business class hotels with modern luxuries, amenities and facilities, windows with double glazing, sound proof rooms are also available for those travelling on business.

At Ayurveda resorts, a complete rejuvenating, therapeutic and refreshing Ayurveda experience along with Ayurvedic vegetarian food are offered by Ayurvedic doctors under proper supervision.


Best Places, Locations, Monuments Etc

During each visit tourists have an enchanting and amazing experience in Kerala. It takes just about two hours each to easily reach many of the amazing destinations in Kerala. It is a land offering real hope for Third World nations. As far as social development is concerned it stands out like the huge Mount Everest. In terms of life quality and social welfare, it is a progressive state in comparison to rest of the Indian states. Levels of health and education are at par with the West. There are a number of sightseeing opportunities in Kerala. The palm fringed Varkala and Kovalam beach provide timeless beauty. The undulating Vagamon and Munnar hills are truly majestic. Tourists can enjoy the pristine Kuttanad and Kumarakom backwaters. The woods and forests of Silent Valley and Thekkady can get anyone bowled over.

The paddy fields and plantations sprawling everywhere, the exotic wildlife, the lush green hill stations, the magical festivals, the art forms, cultural and historical monuments and the exotic food can enchant almost any tourist. This is one destination which offers so many interesting and charming entertainment opportunities to anyone on a holiday here. Estuaries, rivers, lagoons, canals and lakes are available in a diverse network to offer a range of adventurous activities and water sports. Canoeing on a small 2-3 seater boat, catamaran sailing, kayaking, parasailing, scuba diving, snorkeling and wind surfing are a range of water based sports to enjoy at the exotic beaches of Kerala.

Kerala’s shoreline is full of serene beach areas. There are long stretches of tranquil emerald backwaters to enjoy. Tourists must visit the palm fringed groves, golden and silvery sandy beaches and watch the wild seething waves at the beaches during monsoon. At the charming Alappuzha beaches one can enjoy the beautiful waters, the blue skies, the deserted lighthouse and an ancient pier. Fisher folks can be seen carrying their catch for the day at the Beypore beach. Coconut milk stew, steaming rice and roasted fish, and a walk on the kaolin sands can be enjoyed at the Beypore beach.

At Kappad beach, tourists can walk through the sandy milky beach or wade through the crystal blue waters. The Mararikulam beach, Varkala beach and Kovalam beach are a tourist’s delight. There is a spa and health resort at Varkala. Besides having a pleasurable bath in the sea, this place also has religious and therapeutic significance too. Then there are must visit Kerala hill stations like Devikulam, Idukki, Munnar, Ponmudi, Vagamon and Vythiri to enjoy the cozy comfort of nature and beat the heat.