Chattisgarh, located in Central India, is a land enriched with surprises for tourists with caves, rich cultural heritage, waterfalls and archaeological sites! On 1st November 2000 it was created by dividing 16 regions in the south eastern part of Madhya Pradesh, the heartland of Central India. Tourists from far and wide, throng at this main attraction for travelers. It has derived its name from the Chhatissgarhin Devi Temple. Besides having historical significance it has attractions in an enticing range, to make any traveler’s trip unforgettable and remarkable. This destination is a culmination of the desires and hopes of indigenous people who were overlooked, neglected and marginalized due to the location in Central India. Acres of dark dense forests, mighty rivers and undulating hills make it an interesting travel destination for serious explorers.


Best Time To Visit

The winter season from October to February / March is the best time to visit Chhattisgarh. Days are pleasant where the temperature range is between 10-30 degrees C. In May it is hot and makes sightseeing difficult during the day time. Navigating around this place becomes difficult from June to late August due to the rains. Dusshera celebrations in October are worth visiting when the tribals celebrate harvest related customs and traditions.


How to reach

By Road

Bus services are provided by the Interstate State Roadway buses and the chartered bus operators on many of the main routes to Jabalpur, Jhansi, Nagpur, Bhopal and Raipur. Chauffeur driven cabs can be rented and MUVs can also be taken on hire besides rented cars which may be a bit difficult to find.

By Rail

The network of Indian Railways in Chhattisgarh is enormous. Passenger and express trains can be taken from two main junctions, Bilaspur and Raipur to reach other Indian states indirectly or directly. New Delhi is connected to Raipur and Bilaspur by the superfast Rajdhani Express. Amritsar is linked to Chhattisgarh by the Bilaspur-Amritsar Chhattisgarh Express. Chhattisgarh is connected to southern Indian states by the Cochin-Bilaspur Express, while Bilaspur-Nizamuddin Gondwana Express connects Raipur and Bilaspur to New Delhi at least thrice a week.

By Air

The capital of Chhattisgarh, Raipur is well connected by air to main Indian cities like Nagpur, New Delhi, Kolkata and Mumbai. Domestic flights are available on regular basis.


Availability Of Hotels And Restaurants

Tourists need to do a detailed research first to find a good luxurious and comfortable hotel in Chhattisgarh. There may not be too many hotels but the ones available promise some of the best facilities, the tourist is looking for. In Raipur there a couple of hotels that are really good and qualify as three star and four star hotels. They have multi cuisine restaurants, spacious conference rooms and suites that are well air conditioned for any business traveler. Besides this there are a good number of budget hotels, deluxe and semi deluxe hotels also available.

Some of the beautiful palaces in which the maharajas lived are also made available for accommodation. At a nominal price, guests are provided with exclusive facilities. Small hotels that are privately owned, holiday homes, tourist bungalows and tourist hotels run by the government can be accessed at Amarkantak, a popular center for tourists. Prices here are quite reasonable and the accommodation facilities are quite tolerable as far as budget travelers are concerned. If affordability is a constraint then there are religious hostels called Dharmashalas that provide many of the basic services and are available to pilgrims at a low cost.


Best Places, Locations, Monuments Etc

Tourists visiting the place are left fascinated and awestruck on visiting the ancient sanctuaries and caves, the ancient beautiful temples and the culture of the tribes in this region. Almost all the bazaars are colorful, selling some of the richest handicrafts, cotton fabrics, wrought iron stuff, wooden objects and terracotta figurines. Some of the popular attractions, tourists should not miss include the Chitrakote Falls, Indravati National Park, Bhormdeo Temple, Kankur, and Kawardha besides many others. Travelers are offered a range of interesting things to see and do by this colorful state. All festivals are colorful and celebrated in unique style, especially Dussehra celebrations at Bastar. A marriage mart is held for youngsters during Holi where they pick their future partners.

In southern Chhattisgarh is perched, Kanker, an old town on the National Highway No.43. Tourists are sure to get delighted seeing the magnificent blend of cascade, wood and beautiful villages of the tribes. Kanker Palace is a royal palace located here. The royal family lived in this 12th century palace. Tourists looking for a royal living experience can put up at a segment of the palace which has been converted into a hotel.

In Chhattisgarh, the Indravati National Park located close the Indravati River is a famous wildlife refuge. This wildlife forest was declared a tiger reserve in 1983. Wildlife species in a wide array ranging from the striped hyena, the sloth bear, four horned antelope, Indian Muntjac and the wild dog are seen dwelling in this park.

The ancient Bhormdeo Temple, nestled around nine miles from Kawardha, is devoted to Lord Shiva. The Nag Dynasty king Ramchandra erected this shrine between the 7th and the 11th century. During the Bhoramdeo Mahotsav Fair, travelers and devotees in thousands visit this ancient temple which tenders travelers with exceptional experience. Visitors to Chhattisgarh must visit this temple.

The Chitrakote Falls are located in the Jagdalpur vicinity on the Indravati River. Tons of tourists visit these falls each year for their splendid and magnificent emerald beauty. The falls appear in huge variations during the monsoon and summer seasons. While in the rains they appear in an amazing brown shade due to soil erosion, in summer, the waterfalls are crystal clear.

In Kabirdham district is located Kawardha, well known for its shrines. The serene place offers picturesque views of the rich nature and ethnic life of the region. Tourists can experience Indian royal life at the royal palace here as it is now converted into a luxurious hotel to fulfill the desire of tourists to experience luxurious living. The experiences on visiting Chhattisgarh are truly amazing which travelers are sure to remember their whole life.